Kyle's Plants is owned and operated by Kyle Williams.  I've been a plant nut since I was a teenager.  I went to one of the top Horticulture schools in the country, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Ornamental Horticulture.  During that time I discovered that I had a deep interest in Botanical Science, especially Taxonomy (the study of plant evolution and classification).  That led me to pursue a PhD in Botany from Duke University.  As you can see, I'm not just a guy who likes gardening. My entire life has been dedicated to learning as much as possible about plants and how to grow them.

While I love delving deep into the science of plants, I eventually decided academia wasn't right for me.   Eventually this led to me to start selling cacti and succulents on eBay.  Before I knew it, I went from auctioning a handful of plants each week to opening a full fledged eBay store.  That store has continued to grow, but I know there are a lot of people that don't want to use eBay or just don't trust it.  So now I'm starting a website of my own!  The best part of having my own website is that I can cut out the middle man and deal directly with my clients.  This isn't only about eliminating eBay's fees, it is about being able to better accommodate buyer's needs and requests without being constrained by their rules.  Nothing annoys me more than having to tell a buyer "sorry, I can't do that because eBay won't allow me" when they make perfectly reasonable requests.

Right now this website is in its infancy.  The current state of it is basically "please check out my eBay listings and email me with what you want".  However, over the coming months I plant to turn this into a full service sales website.  I'll have my available plants listed here and will have an automated web store where you can buy the plants with the click of a button.  Another goal is to create a database of cacti and succulents where anything I've ever sold will get an information page about the plant and how to grow it.  I want this website to be a place where you can not only buy plants, but learn about them too.